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Rejection club membership rockets by 200%

In an announcement that shocked the literary world last night Mairi Sharratt, founder member of The Rejection Club told herself that it’s membership had rocketed by a massive 200%.  This leap in membership of the once unpopular and universally ignored club is mainly accredited to the fledgling poet Chris Emslie and more established member Andrew Philip.

Ms Sharratt, dressed in customary stained combats and ill-fitting T-shirt said “I am over the moon with our new members.  Frankly I wasn’t looking forward to sitting on my own in a pub once a year looking at my own list of rejections.  Now at least I can laugh at others.”

Avid follows of the annual rejection race have been unable to decide who will most likely win the prize for 2010.  Ms Sharratt was through to be a strong contender, her performance in verse this year has so far been lack-luster due to family illness.  Mr Emslie is now a clear favorite, being a fledgling it is though that he will have an energy that the older two members lack.  However, fledglings can be easily discourages and any despondency will be closely monitored by both his supporters and race followers.

Mr Philip is the most experienced of all three, and as such it could be expected that he would receive the least rejections.  However his game has recently moved up a level and his inclusion on several short lists should mean a massive boost it does also mean that a whole new level of rejection has opened up for him.

It is expected that membership should continue to increase, however it is expected that over the rest of the year it will be a tightly run race between Sharratt, Emslie Philip and whoever is bored enough to join.

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What The Rejection Club is, and is not

The Rejection Club is for…

writers.  Mainly poets, but other genre’s are welcome.

The Rejection Club is not…

an opportunity to bitch, gripe, moan or whine.  The Rejection Club is not a place to indulge in your personal vendettas.  If you can not take rejection in a mature fashion then we suggest that you rethink your ambition.

The Rejection Club is…

A light-hearted attempt to add some fun and levity to what can be the most dejecting experience as  a writer, whether you are established or not.

The Rejection Club will work by…

Having a meeting once a year.  During the year writers must have kept  a record of their rejections.  The person who has the most rejections is the winner, can indulge in an evening of sympathy and be awarded the prize of  a meal, paid for by other members contributions (the more members, the better the prize!).  If there are enough members, and enough interest we could even have a reading of the top five rejectee’s work.

But I don’t live in the same country as you, let alone the same continent.  How do I make it to a meeting?

Never fear.  Geography is no barrier to rejection.  You can start-up a chapter in your own area.  In fact, if we had multiple chapters, we would be able to compare rejections across them, and have one Grand Rejectee a year.

I don’t like the idea of letting other people know about my rejections.

Well, that’s up to you.  You don’t have to join.

How do I join

Send an email to with a little information about yourself and weblinks.  If you are not in Edinburgh and the Lothians you are more than welcome to join this branch, but please give some thought to starting up your own local one.  Email me for more information.

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